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A fast, efficient LimeWire clone

LuckyWire is a free P2P file sharing app designed to replace the late LimeWire, featuring a very similar appearance and functionality.

Using LuckyWire is really easy, since the program follows the traditional interface structure you find in other P2P clients. If you used LimeWire before, you'll find it even easier. There's a search bar on top of the interface with a drop-down menu to filter searches by file type, and separate tabs for each search. LuckyWire works with Torrent files as well, and includes a built-in player - though only for audio files.

Results in LuckyWire can be displayed in two ways: in a list view that can be sorted according to different criteria (name, relevance and so on), or in the classic P2P view with a table that includes all the details about each file. LuckyWire is very fast – both in searching and downloading – but you should beware of fake results, which come up quite often and are harder to spot. Checking the file's properties should be enough to be on the safe side.

In short, LuckyWire is probably your best alternative to continue using LimeWire with basically the same features and user experience.

LuckyWire is an efficient LimeWire clone that provides fast search and download, without any nagging limitations or ads.


  • Same appearance and functionality as LimeWire
  • Fast connection and downloads
  • Works with Torrent files
  • No ads


  • Fake results are harder to spot
  • Built-in player only for audio files

LuckyWire for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3
  • (200)
  • Security Status

User reviews about LuckyWire

  • Luis Estrella Reynoso

    by Luis Estrella Reynoso

    expired, fail, no search, no download, mp3, download, search.
    Hoy 26 de Julio del 2014, veo que el dominio a expirado, y junto a & More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Tried opening LuckyWire and it won't connect..
    I've had LuckyWire for months now and it worked great until yesterday. It won't connect. Had it More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    not able to download it completely tryed it ten times so havent used it yet, I would like to use luckywire to see how good it is.


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